The first 10 on this listing plus Margo and myself. The owners of Habersham love cats and have about 30 feral cats who are  neutered, are fed and also receive vet care thru an organization. Again we children have entered the candy shop and acted occordingly. The sale was on and so were the purchases. TOOOOO tired to name plants but bought 2 ginger plants I had been looking for. The best of the day was watching Barbara fall in love with the village and since her birthday was within the last week she felt warranted to allow herself the purchase. One house and one outhouse and a couple miniature trees. I have for some years wanted to buy these houses but I guess I will live  thru Barbara and share her joy. We all have heard it takes a village to----------. Sorry for those of you who missed today. The lunch was a WHITE TABLE CLOTH lunch, very nice.  Kudos to the ladies who plan these memorable trips.

Habersham Gardens & Nursery - what a great field trip (check out the roof)

All pictures by our own Miss Teresa!


The Pollinator Garden At Brook Run

The Community Garden at Brook Run

The Annual Luncheon 2012

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