The Dunwoody Community Garden is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was established in Brook Run Park in August 2009. The garden is committed to using organic growing methods, enabling access for all, and fostering a learning/ research environment. It seeks to model sustainable eco-friendly practices, strengthen community through informational and social interchange, promote health and wellness, and provide locally grown nutritious food to economically distressed families in the area. Youth groups and others are encouraged to participate through volunteerism and educational outreach.

The Garden has ninety-three 4’x8’ plots that are leased to members who are responsible for constructing and maintaining their plots year-round. Vegetable beds dedicated for charity donations surround the perimeter. Teams of volunteers maintain the common areas and the charity beds. The City of Dunwoody provides the water. With some help from the City, garden members renovated Brook Run greenhouse and continued to grow organic produce for charity through the winters of 2011 and 2012.

Our Dunwoody Garden Club has been partnering with the Community Garden since 2010 to beautify the garden entrance with flowerbeds, daffodil bulbs and shrubs. We have focused on the use of hardy perennial plants and re-seeding annuals, striving for sustainable plantings that are deer resistant and drought tolerant. Curious passersby are often attracted by the flowers first, and then drawn in to further explore the vegetable plots.

New for this year! The Community Garden campaigned and won an orchard sponsored by The Fruit Tree Foundation in conjunction with Edy’s Fruit Bars. Many of our club members helped to win the orchard by voting on-line daily for two months. Two of our members have joined the Orchard Planning Team to finalize selections. In November 2012 club members will join with the Community Garden and other volunteer groups in planting 20 to 30 fruit trees as well as blueberry and bramble berry bushes. Our Club is excited about participating in this new venture at the Community Garden

Lovely and fragrant ginger!

And a big round of applause to the wonderful women who made it all possible!!

Photo Credit Group: Theresa

Click here for a look at The Pollinator Garden At Brook Run

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