Contributing Projects:
Funds are donated to the following organizations to assist them in their various gardening projects/endeavors:

Atlanta Botanical Gardens
DeKalb Federation of Garden Clubs
DeKalb Master Gardeners at Brook Run
Dunwoody Nature Center
Dunwoody Nature Center Master Gardeners
Dunwoody Preservation Trust - Cemetery Fund
Garden Club of Georgia
Historic Oakland Foundation
Redbud District Garden Club
The State Botanical Garden of Georgia
Others to be determined

Current Projects
Brook Run Main Entrance
Dunwoody Library Main Entrance
Dunwoody Library Atrium Planter
Windwood Hollow Park

Dunwoody Library Main Entrance

Chair: Allison Metheny
Vicki Profit

Since 2009 the Dunwoody Garden Club, in partnership with the Friends of the Dunwoody Library, has worked to enhance and beautify the main entrance to the library. The club has workdays during the year to weed, prune, and plant seasonal color.

In 2016-2017, we partnered with the City of Dunwoody Parks and Recreation Department to assist with a major renovation of the Library’s main entrance. The Parks department removed the overgrown shrubs, invasive plants and weeds and prepared the ground for new landscaping. Several club members met with landscape design consultants and prepared an overall plan. The club purchased the shrubbery and the Parks Department was very helpful in installing the new landscaping.

The Garden Club and Friends of the Dunwoody Library worked with the City to fund and install the stone wall along the front walkway and shared the costs with the City. The Garden Club now plants and cares for perennials along this area.

In 2018-2019, the Garden Club will continue to add shrubbery as needed, improve the existing stone pathway, plant seasonal color and maintain the front entrance landscaping. We look forward to continuing to make the Dunwoody Library a beautiful and inviting area for our community.

More on the hardworking members at the library

While all flowers and all trees do close
To weave the gardens of repose
Meanwhile the mind, from pleasure less,
Withdraws in to its happiness,
Annihilating all that's made
To a green thought in a green shade.
From The Garden: Andrew Marvell, English poet

Windwood Hollow Park

Chair: Betty Dworschak

The Club maintains a small garden at the entrance to Windwood Hollow Park. The setting is a bit challenging since the sun is unremitting, soil quality is poor—and the closest water source is more and a hundred feet away! Encore azaleas, a variety of colorful coneflowers, some lovely metal butterflies, and of course, a host of golden daffodils. 
In early 2018, Club member Betty Dworschak and her daughter Madison, both former Girl Scouts, met with Girl Scout Troop #13579 to plant 250 Carlto daffodil bulbs along the entire frontage of the park. The City of Dunwoody Parks & Recreation Department provide the bulbs, gloves, and trowels for the Scouts who learned a little about gardening.
Although most of the plants survived the long hot summer with minimal extra watering, we plan on adding some good topsoil, as well as additional plants to fill out this bed. We hope the City might install a hose bib closer to the entrance garden this year as they’ve made several welcome upgrades to this lovely hidden gem in Dunwoody, including a great kid’s playground and refurbished tennis courts. 

The Club also maintains a little free library dedicated to Betty’s mom, Rosalind Anderson, a former Club member. Stop by to see the garden, walk the nature trail,  or donate or borrow a book

"They say that every snowflake is different. If that were true, how could the world go on? How could we ever get up off our knees? How could we ever recover from the wonder of it? "
(Jeanette Winterson, British novelist)

Club Projects

Dunwoody Library Atrium Planter

Chair: MariaRichmond
Maintenance: Carol Draisen

Since 1994, the Dunwoody Garden Club has maintained the large marble planter under the sky-lit rotunda adjacent to the main entrance of the Dunwoody Library. Every few years, it is necessary to dig up everything and replant. Our last major replant was in 2014 when we chose a tropical look. We had to replace a big schefflera but the rest of the plants are doing great. These plants provide an interesting study of the mix of colors, textures, and shapes. We are not sure what Carol is feeding the plants but the curly crotons, mothers-in law tongue and flat philodendron are huge! It’s the best it has ever looked, we think. The plants all live together in harmony and provide a warm and lovely living welcome to all library patrons, young and old.

Brook Run Main Entrance

Chair: Bonnie Barton

The landscaping at Brook Run's  North Peachtree entrance is now the Dunwoody Garden Club’s signature project. In conjunction with Dunwoody’s Parks and Recreation Department our club has transformed this entrance from an outdated, overgrown, and dead area to a beautiful, fresh new garden on both sides of the entrance. We planted over 75 new flowering shrubs: shade-loving camellias, spreading plum yews, Encore azaleas, Shishi Gashira sasanqua, acubas and several varieties of Oakleaf hydrangeas. In the sunnier areas loropetalum, gold mophead cypress, abelias, butterfly bushes, radican gardenias and dianthus were planted, along with the acorus ground cover underneath our prize anchor Japanese Maple.
In support of the Dunwoody Woman’s Club’s Adopt-A- Bench project, our Garden Club has purchased five 8- foot green coated steel benches for park visitors. One of these benches was dedicated to Joyce Amacher. In 2017 we placed two additional benches around the Food Truck Thursdays open entertainment area, dedicating one to Cle Jackson our only active original DGC member. The second was to honor our club’s past presidents.
Our club members maintain the original installation and plant annuals twice a year in the park’s flower garden. We were very proud when the Dunwoody City Council

More on the Setting of the Great Rock

"Men can't be trusted with pruning shears any more than they can be trusted with the grocery money in a delicatessen ... They are like boys with new pocket knives who will not stop whittling. "
(Phyllis McGinley, American poet)

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